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The CT Against Gun Violence Education Fund is kicking off a new program called the "Red Flag" campaign. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness in our communities about gun trafficking.

Consider the following:

  • Over the past three years, guns were used in 233 homicides. And firearms were used in over 6,000 other violent crimes. These crimes were NOT limited to our urban centers: 90 different communities reported at least one gun-related incident in the last 12 months.
  • Most gun crimes are committed by people who cannot legally own guns. For example, 100% of the suspects arrested for murder in New Haven were in illegal possession of the gun.
  • When a felon or other prohibited user commits a gun crime, two crimes have been committed: the crime being investigated, and the trafficking crime that put that gun in the hands of the criminal.
  • The question that must be answered is, "Where did they get the gun?"

The concept of the "Red Flag" campaign is simple: every time a gun crime is committed, we want to raise a "red flag" about the second crime - the crime of gun trafficking. We will do this through a targeted media campaign using our red flag logo on a variety of messaging platforms to bring attention to the role of firearms trafficking in gun crime.

In addition, we are collaborating with grass-roots community groups to place red flags in the neighborhoods where shootings take place. The flag will become a constant reminder of the "other gun crime" - the crime of gun trafficking -- and thereby encourage our elected officials, law enforcement, the press, and the community to take action against this epidemic that plagues the streets.

We held our first press conference in Hartford on Tuesday, February 27. Click here to read coverage in the Hartford Courant.


Hartford Police Chief Daryl K. Roberts, City Council Majority Leader Jo Winch, and Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez listen to Rev. Henry Brown of Mothers United Against Violence.

All joined the CAGV Ed Fund in support of the Red Flag campaign.

  • Arrest an Individual - Prevent 0 crime-guns from entering the community
  • Arrest a Trafficker - Prevent an average of 37 crime-guns from entering the community.
  • Impact Illegal Trafficking Schemes - Prevent an average of 354 crime-guns from entering the community.

    (Source: Following the Gun: Enforcing Federal Laws Against Firearms Trafficking, Dept. of the Treasury, June 2000, p.13.)



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